D. Social Sciences and Industry

Human Activities between Individuals or Groups

Self-Sufficiency: Henry D. Thoreau spent two years and two months alone on the shores of Walden Pond in Concord and wrote “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” (1854), which allows us to reflect on the nature of society and the division of labor in society.
Agriculture: Shiroyone Senmaida (白米千枚田) on the Noto Peninsula, Japan, showing the effort to live on limited land (2019).
Agriculture: An irrigation canal in Takachiho, Japan, built by the people of this area through their efforts to enable rice farming in the mountainous area far from rivers (2023).
Agriculture: Grapes in Turpan, China, grown using the “karez” system of underground canals built and maintained to provide water in the arid region (1996).
Fishery: Chinese fishing nets, the traditional fishing method introduced from China to Kochi, a spice trading center in India, around the 14th century (2009).
Manufacturing: The Boston Beer Company, the pioneering craft brewery known for its “Samuel Adams” brand (2015).
Distribution: One of the “kirana” stores, mom-and-pop stores found throughout India. In Bangalore (2009).
Distribution: A Hema Xiansheng (盒马鲜生) store in Hangzhou, a new Alibaba retailer that aims to integrate online and offline (2018).
Advertising: Skytyping over Cambridge, USA: MOHEGAN SUN (a casino) GO……? (2014)
Entertainment: The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, a nostalgic tourist attraction since the 1960s on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Canada (2015).
Offshore Finance: In the Cayman Islands (2012).
Economics: Adam Smith studied at Balliol College, University of Oxford, but was not very satisfied with it (2017).
Market: The price mechanism at work in gold transactions in Bangkok’s Chinatown (2019).
Market: The rise in real estate prices has created opportunities for the construction of super-slim residential towers in NYC (2015). On the left is 432 Park Avenue, which is nearly completed.
Prices Surge: A receipt for the taxi fuel surcharge (出租汽车燃油附加定额) during the 2007–08 oil price surge in Guangzhou (2007).
Monopoly: The Breakers, a former residence of the Vanderbilt family in Newport, USA (2014).
Business Strategy: A cafe with the unique feature of being able to enjoy boating on the waterways of an orchard (?). At the After the Rain Coffee & Gallery in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand (2020).
Externality: A cafe with the beautiful view of rice fields and a famous temple. At the Meena Cafe in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (2020).
Product Differentiation: Various types of “natto” (納豆) available at a supermarket in Bangkok, where many Japanese people reside (2019).
Marketing: The BTS x McDonald’s collaboration in Bangkok (2021).
Intellectual Property: The Pikachu at a Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo, expanding the use of the rights (2018).
Risk: The site of a silver refinery at the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine in Oda, Japan, built in 1895 but closed within a year and a half due to unprofitability (2024).
Income Inequality: 8 Mile Road separating Detroit from its affluent suburbs (2015). It was represented as a socially insurmountable boundary in “8 Mile” (2002).
Financial Crisis: South Korea implemented painful reforms with the support of the IMF during the 1997 Asian financial crisis. In Seoul (1998).
Financial Crisis: Burj Khalifa under construction in Dubai, which received financial support from Abu Dhabi in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis (2008).
Development Economics: At the first UNCTAD conference in 1964, Raúl Prebisch called for a new trade policy for developing countries. At the UN ECLAC in Santiago (2013).
Traditional Technology: The facility where iron was produced using the ancient Japanese “tatara” technique from 1751 to 1921 in Unnan (2024).
Traditional Technology: A hand-weaving experience at an association that aims to revive the Yanai Stripes, which declined at the beginning of the 20th century in Yanai, Japan (2023).
Industrial Revolution: Power looms in a Lowell factory that led the US Industrial Revolution (2015).
Trial and Error to Industrialization: Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace (left) in Izunokuni, Japan, built in 1857 for casting cannons, based on technical books from the Netherlands and a precedent in Japan (2024).
Technology Introduction: The Japanese government introduced French spinning technology and established the Tomioka Silk Mill in Tomioka in 1872. The photo shows the equipment at the factory when it closed in 1987 (2023).
Changes in Industrial Structure: Biopolis in Singapore’s one-north district, an international R&D hub established to create a new advanced industry (2016).
Politics: The National Diet Building (国会議事堂) in Tokyo (2019).
International Relations: The round table used at the 2016 G7 Summit in Shima, Japan (2018).
International Cooperation: The demining equipment that worked in Angola. At the 2007 Global Festa Japan in Tokyo (2007).
International Administration: The Danube, an international river that is jointly managed by the countries in its basin. In Budapest (1992).
International Exhibition: The “Tree of Life” inside the “Tower of the Sun” theme pavilion at the 1970 Osaka World Expo in Suita, Japan (2023).
Diversity: The Empire State Building on the day of the Pride March in NYC (2015).
Prohibition: One of the locations of “Once Upon a Time in America” (1984) with a view of the Manhattan Bridge in NYC (2015).
American Dream: On the Rocky Steps of “Rocky” (1976) in Philadelphia (2015).

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