D. Social Sciences and Industry

On human social and economic activities

Agriculture: Shiroyone Senmaida (白米千枚田), rice terraces in the Noto Peninsula, Japan (2019). Showing the efforts to live in the limited land
Manufacturing: A 930E dump track at the former site of Komatsu’s headquarters in Komatsu, Japan (2012)
Distribution: A “kirana” store (a small grocery store) in Bangalore (2009)
Distribution: Jagalchi market in Busan (2003)
Distribution: Hema Xiansheng (盒马鲜生), an Alibaba’s new retailer in Hangzhou (2018)
Used Business: The outside sale lot of the Brattle Book Shop since 1825 in Boston (2014)
Advertising: Skytyping over Cambridge in the US: MOHEGAN SUN (a casino located between Boston and NYC) GO……? (2014)
Tourism: The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, a nostalgic tourist spot since the 1960s at the Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Canada (2015)
Entertainment: The BTS x McDonald’s collaboration in Bangkok (2021)
Video Games: The Pikachu at a Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo (2018)
Platform Business: Tencent (腾讯) that operates WeChat (微信) in Shenzhen (2017)
Offshore Finance: In the Cayman Islands (2012)
Economics: Adam Smith studied at Balliol College, the University of Oxford (2017)
Market: The price mechanism that works in gold transactions in Chinatown in Bangkok (2019)
Market: Soaring real estate prices have created the opportunity of building super-slender residential towers in NYC. The left shows the near-complete 432 Park Avenue (2015)
Prices Surge: A receipt of the taxi fuel surcharge (出租汽车燃油附加费 [定额]) during the 2007–08 oil price surge in Guangzhou (2007)
Monopoly: The Breakers, a former residence of the Vanderbilt family in Newport, Rhode Island (2014)
Product Differentiation: Many kinds of natto (納豆) at a supermarket in Bangkok, where many Japanese people live (2019)
Business Strategy: A cafe with the strong point of providing customers to enjoy a boat ride on the waterway of an orchard (?). At the After the Rain Coffee & Gallery in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand (2020).
Externality: Cafes with a lovely view of beautiful rice paddies and a famous temple. At the Meena Cafe in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (2020)
Income Inequality: The 8 Mile Road, which divides Detroit and its affluent suburbs (2015). Depicted it as the socially insurmountable boundary in “8 Mile” (2002)
M&A: The former Sanyo factory from Japan, acquired by Haier from China, in Bekasi, Indonesia (2013)
Development Economics: Raul Prebisch called for a new trade policy for the growth of developing countries at the first UNCTAD conference in 1964. At the UN ECLAC in Santiago (2013)
Technology Introduction: The Japanese government introduced French spinning technology and established the Tomioka Silk Mill in 1872 (2023). The photo shows the equipment when the business closed in 1987.
Politics: The National Diet Building (国会議事堂) in Tokyo (2019)
International Relations: The round table used at the 2016 G7 Summit in Shima, Japan (2018)
International Cooperation: The demining equipment that worked in Angola. At the 2007 Global Festa Japan in Tokyo (2007)
Migration: After the Cuban Revolution, Cuban cigars being made at Little Havana in Miami as well (2012)
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Security Deterioration: Johannesburg’s New Chinatown is formed in its suburb, Cyrildene, due to security deterioration in downtown where Old Chinatown is located (2011)
American Dream: At the Rocky Steps of “Rocky” (1976) in Philadelphia (2015)
Diversity: The Empire State Building on the day of the Pride March in NYC (2015)

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