C. History and Geography

On human activities accumulated through the ages and those with local characteristics

History: A train running on an ancient trade route of the Silk Road (丝绸之路). Somewhere between Liuyuan and Hami in China (1996)
History: The Forbidden City (故宫 [紫禁城]), which was designed according to Zhouli (《周礼》), a classic text, and represented the center and order of the kingdoms of the Ming (明) and Qing (清) dynasties. In Beijing (2005)
History: A wall that remembers China’s 1960s during the planned economy period: (工业)学大庆、(农业)学大寨 (Learn from Daqing in industry, learn from Dazhai in agriculture). In Beijing (2006)
History: China’s gradual economic liberalization (改革开放) began in 1978. In Shenzhen (2010)
History: The illuminated century-old buildings during the French colonial period in Ho Chi Minh City: From left, the City Hall, Hotel Continental Saigon, and the Opera House (but only its roof) (2008)
History: In 1986, the F1 promoters succeeded in penetrating the Iron Curtain and the first-ever race in the Eastern bloc was held in Hungary. In Budapest (1992)
History: The Berlin Wall, a tangible symbol of the Cold War, fell in 1989. A wall fragment I bought in Berlin in 1992
History: The house of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew near Somerset station in Singapore (2016)
Town: Tsumago-juku (妻籠宿) on Nakasen-do (中山道), a post-station town on an Edo (present-day Tokyo)–Kyoto route during the Edo period in Nagiso, Japan (2018)
Town: The historic castle town of Iwamura in Ena, Japan (2018)
Town: Chuandixiacun (爨底下村), a village with traditional houses dating back to the Qing (清) dynasty in Beijing (2006)
Town: Peranakan houses in the Katong district in Singapore (2016)
Town: Historic shophouses in Phuket (2020)
Town: A village of Garifuna people in Roatan, Honduras (2012)
Town: A floating village on Tonle Sap Lake in Siem Reap (2009)
Town: Venice, built on a lagoon (1995)
Town: A gated community in Mactan, the Philippines (2016)
Urban Geography: Can we find any differences between the spatial structure of Chicago today and that of the city when Ernest W. Burgess developed the concentric zone model about a century ago? Over Lake Michigan (2013)
Industrial Agglomeration: The garage where Silicon Valley was born. It all started when HP was founded here in 1939. In Palo Alto (2015)
Urbanization: In Ulaanbaatar (2013)
Gentrification: The wave of redevelopment rushing into Chinatown in Boston (2015). A related article in Japanese: “Chinatown in Boston” (IDE Square, 2015)
Globalization: Gradually increasing Chinese cars in Lima (2013)
Localization: Mickey Mouse giving a “wai,” Thailand’s traditional greeting. In Bangkok (2019)
Localization: Him too. In Bangkok (2020)

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