A. General Works

Human Activities for Knowledge

Collection: The Providence Athenaeum in Providence, USA, a library since 1836 (2015).
Reading: “Reading is not history.” At Wardah Books in Singapore (2016).
Observation: The Sydney Observatory, the oldest observatory in Australia (2008).
Thinking: The Thinker at the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, originally created for the Gates of Hell but often seen as a tangible symbol of contemplation (2015).
Research: The study room of Kumagusu Minakata (1867–1941), a Japanese naturalist, in Tanabe (2023).
Spreading: A mimeograph machine that helped spread knowledge in Singapore (2016). At the Malay Heritage Centre.
Interaction: Benjamin Franklin founded the first American learned society for the exchange and development of ideas in Philadelphia (2015).

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